Building the Future of Health

June 1 12:15-13:45

ZIF Workshop: New Initiatives in Care Pt. 2

Sint Jan is an initiative by citizens on the oldest cloister grounds of the province of Groningen. Here they combine history and tradition with living, working, care and conservation. Sint Jan is an example of how demographic change (young people leaving town) can actually create possibilities for a new direction. This is a story on how liveability is enhanced in town with a typical problem that can be found anywhere in the Dutch countryside. Architect Moriko Kira is deeply involved with this project. She sees the plan as a very important and new way of working in shrinking areas. Most current policies are focused on city growth, but the development of Sint Jan shows that continuity of small communities in the countryside could also be a viable strategy. In this workshop Moriko Kira and artist Anne Hilderink will explain the way they work and talk about the results of their experiences in the field. They will explain how important it is to work together with different disciplines to tackle the problems of the countryside from a health perspective.

Hosted by: Zorg Innovatie Forum

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