Building the Future of Health

June 3 15:30-16:30

The Architecture of Hospitals

Health Support Centers: Environments for Patient and Family Support

Traditional hospitals often struggle to provide specialised environments for some categories of patients. In particular, cancer patients have been singled out as a category that needs special attention. The small-scale facilities presented in this session make the most of the potential of architecture to create and stage experiences. Often, they incorporate elements of Evidence Based Design, the discipline that claims to have scientifically proved the effects of specific spatial (architectural and urban) interventions. They offer various types of support, offering patients opportunities for contemplation (and eventually for ventilating their anger and frustration). They are places for counseling. Sometimes, they accommodate professionals who can assist patients who face the need to tackle practical problems (insurance, social security and the like). Probably their most important role is to provide information, providing a sense of empowerment. However, should the qualities they embody not be part and parcel of hospital architecture? In this session: Cancer Counseling Center in Livrsum (Denmark) by EFFEKT, the Healthcare Center for Cancer Patients in Copenhagen (Denmark) by NORD architects and the Maggie's Centres.

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