Building the Future of Health

June 1 12:15-13:15

HANNN Symposium: First Man Made Blue Zone

Stimulating Active Communities

Blue Zones are areas in the world where people become significantly older than other places. From Loma Linda (VS), Sardinia (Italy en Ikaria (Greece) to Nicoya (Costa Rica) and Okinawa (Japan). People living in Blue Zones not only live longer; they also have a healthier, more meaningful and happier life. Unfortunately, when we look at the circumstances in Northern Netherlands, we must conclude that it is rather a red zone instead of a blue zone. Life expectancy in the north is low and people live unhealthy, which makes the chances of health problems bigger. Change is necessary. That’s why HANNN offers a bright perspective; lets turn the north into the first manmade Blue Zone of the world. Apart form a way to condition people into a healthier lifestyle we will go into the question of what design can do. Which spatial qualities do we have in the northern Netherlands that can be enhanced to create the best conditions? Pass by and get inspired!

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